Searching for that list


Jake Farrell in all his RotJ glory!
Isn’t that the dream? You have your ships, you know your upgrades, the dials are in your head and you’ve even got the synergy down. Right?

Why can’t I find the right list that:

  1. Is fun to play
  2. Involves ships I love
  3. Isn’t some sort of net listing (although I do think this can be a good place to start if you’re unsure of what works well together)
  4. Just bloody well works

I have no real interest in playing Imperials just yet and I feel strangely drawn towards Scum. Maybe it’s the lure of Boba Fett (although actually Kath Scarlett has a much more beneficial ability); perhaps it’s that the ships bring something new and quite tricksy. The real answer isn’t that hard to figure out – when offered black or white, (red and green) go with the different shades in the middle. It’s a bit like Donnie Darko when he rebels after being forced to choose between fear and love. Life just isn’t that simple.

The other real attraction of Scum is that they have only been around since Wave 6, that means that someone like me who has only been playing the game for a relatively short amount of time should be able to pick them up and run (fly) with them. If. Only.

My journey to ‘the list’ actually began at Rebels (they’re sort of scummy, right?) and with A-Wings. Ever since that bit in Jedi where you see one fly across the screen for all of that one second, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Like Fett, you learn nothing about the A-Wing from the original trilogy and that’s why they’re so desirable.

Play with them once and tell me that they’re not the zippiest most wonderful little machines you have ever had the pleasure of pushing around on a bit of vinyl. The dials are wonderful. Stick Push the Limit on there and you’d be forgiven for thinking that they are actually flying around the board.

The biggest drawback? Look at the attack dice. Just look at them and weep. Cry yourself to sleep. Two? Yeah. Two. ‘Oh, it’s ok because I can arc dodge into range one and I’ll get three.’ Course you will. Go on then. What? You mean you’re not quite good enough yet? Everyone else knows the dial and blocks you? Me too.

Where to start? Jake. It’s Jake Farrell all the way. You get a free boost or barrel roll with each focus. PTL? Sure – Why not? Stick on Prockets and it will eat up more of your list than it should, but he really has the potential to hit someone hard with them, taking your attack up to five dice in one go.

Three agility is enough, right? Nah. Stick autothrusters on and you’ll feel a whole lot better when faced with turrets (that’s providing you remember to use them).

Now what? Well Jake with Veteran Instincts (taking him up to PS9), Push the Limit, A-Wing Test Pilot, autothrusters and Prockets comes in at 33 points and eats up a third of your list. Greedy Jake. In comparison, you could stick in a Green Squadron Pilot, giving you a PS3, give him Crack shot, PTL, A-Wing Test Pilot, autothrusters and Prockets and it’ll all come in at 28 points. That frees up seven points.

High player skill and ability vs numbers?

What goes well with A-Wings? I think you should take at least two of the same ship if you want to get to know them well. I’ve tried a few lists and narrowed it down to these two:

Ello’s Nasties (99 points)

I’ve had many debates on the merits of Ello Vs Poe if you’re taking a T-70. For my money, Ello is much more interesting and manoeuvrable. In a meta where most people are taking Poe, go with something different. Take the Tallon rolls and go. I played against this recently with Outmaneuver rather than VI on Ello, if you can fly it well, I think it’s worth the extra points. Do you go with the dirty re-gen and take R2-D2? You totally could, but I’m considering R7-T1, giving you a free boost after you declare a target lock on somebody in your arc. That’s 38 points right there. 


The next to stick in is Jake with Push The Limit, Proton Rockets, A-Wing Test Pilot, autothrusters and Push The Limit. 33 points. 


To top it off? Tycho Celchu with Veteran Instincts, Chardaan Refit, A-Wing Test Pilot, autothrusters and Push The Limit. 28 points. 


 Green Bolts (100 points)

I’ve been experimenting with the Green Arrow list, which is four Green Squadron A-Wings, each with PTL and Wingman (using the A-Wing Test Pilot card) and a shield upgrade.

I feel it needs an update to maximise hits.
The beauty of using Wingman in formation, if you have four of them, is that it can take the stress off and make your swarm that little bit more unpredictable. Being as I only have one Wingman card, I’ve decided not to go with the Chardaan re-fit and instead put proton rockets on two of the ships. I then went for Autothrusters on all four as a possible defence against turrets.

Green Squadron Pilot with Push the Limit, Proton Rockets, A-Wing Test Pilot and Autothrusters (27 points X2)

Green Squadron Prockets

Green Squadron Pilot with Push the Limit, Chardaan Refit, A-Wing Test Pilot and Autothrusters and Crack Shot (23 points X2)

Green Squadron Crack

The Mynock Squadron guys have adapted the ‘fly casual’ mantra into ‘fly better’. I think it’s well worth remembering.  Don’t get me wrong, flying casual is an incredibly important part of the game and one of the chief reasons why the community is so fun and welcoming.

X-Wing is a game that involves the luck of the dice but that’s only one factor, not a defining factor. Know your ships and fly them well. Think consciously about where you’re going and how your opponent will counter this. How you choose to set the pace, or not.

With the idea of ‘fly better’ in mind, do you stick with ships you love and learn how to fly them really well, or go with trying to build something competitive? Three months on and I’m leaning towards flying something I think will be fun and trying to make it competitive.

How far do you go with that?


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