Dark Sphere Winter Kit

Since playing Bro-bots, I had refined the list and continued to play it at my regular group that meet each Tuesday at Dark Sphere. What if I made a Fat Dengar and or there’s it with IG-88B?


My third post, you can find it here, marked a some personal achievements for my very short time as an X-Wing rookie pilot. I had played in my first tournament; came last in my first tournament; moved to Scum and finally I learned the perils of not fully thinking about the potential synergies of your list.

Wave 8 was launched three days before the Dark Sphere Winter Kit. Lots to try out, lots of new Scum heavy toys to play with. What was I looking forward to? Rebels.

I didn’t really watch much of The Clone Wars, but Rebels is ace.

Tom and I booked a table for the night of the Wave 8 release, hoping to get a play with our long anticipated new toys. The first thing I unwrapped was The Ghost. (Tom is my best friend and gaming buddy, you can read his blog here).

I wanted a fluffy list that would allow me to pretend I was in Rebels. Hera pilot card, Zeb (allowing me to attack ships where our bases were touching) and Kanaan crew (removing stress from range one), Ezra in the Phantom and a Green Squadron pilot. Phoenix Squadron.

How did it stand up to Tom’s competitive list of Tie Punisher, Vader and Omega Leader? It didn’t.

Where next?

The one thing I really liked from Tom’s list was how Guidance Chips and Extra Munitions had made a difference to ordinance.

Since playing Bro-bots, I had refined the list and continued to play it at my regular group that meet each Tuesday at Dark Sphere. What if I made a Fat Dengar and or there’s it with IG-88B?

I thought they smelled bad on the outside!

Thematically, I think there are a number of things that FFG do incredibly well. Whether it’s tying in Arvel’s ability of being able to declare a target on an enemy ship that he’s touching a-la his role crashing into a Star Destroyer in Return of the Jedi; Lando’s gambler themed crew card or just the downright scummyness of, well, Scum.

Look at The asymmetrical dial for the Jumpmaster and then look at Dengar’s face. I learned fairly recently that Han Solo was responsible for Dengar’s scar; he burned it in the exhausts of a speeder bike. How badass is that?! Er…it was apparently an accident and, um, he didn’t shoot first.

The triple Contracted Scout list uses Dead Eye to remove the need for a target lock when firing Plasma Torpedos and then provides an extra target lock with the R4 Agromech. Stick Munitions with this and you can use this move twice.

What should go well with this? Boba Fett crew.  Hit your opponent with a crit and you can then remove one of their upgrades.

So here’s how it looked


Lone Bot B.png

I had to lose Glitterstim on IG-88B to allow for the Extra Munitions on Dengar. All other upgrades, were essential. I took a Mangler instead of Heavy Laser Cannon not only because of the difference in point cost, but also because of the range. HLC cannot be used at range 1, Mangler is 1-3.

Winter Kit

I spent the morning doing something I should have done a long time ago, I put our mat on the floor, put down all of the debris, asteroids, bombs I had and then just simply flew around it. I worked out distances I could use and how I might make a mistake. If you haven’t done this, I would really recommend it. I haven’t yet hit an asteroid competitively since.

Game One Chris was playing Vader, Soontir and Inquisitor. I perceived as the biggest threat to be the Inquisitor because of the range bonus ability. I took it out fairly early and then Chris took out both of my ships.

Where did I go wrong? I played Dengar too much like a turret rather than pursuing with the front arc,  Chris also flew his arc dodgers well. This stopped the use of the Plasma Torps and greatly reduced any opportunities to use Dengar’s revenge ability, which I also forgot to use.

Chris makes his own acrylic tokens and sells them online, I picked up a few target lock and tractor beam tokens after the game. They’re ace. Check out his stuff here. Look for sixmillitoe on eBay.

Game Two I played against a fairly similar build Dengar but with R5-P8 instead of the Agromech. The revenge bot worked in my opponent’s favour, with each shot, he seemed to land a crit, which meant that he too would take a damage, but it really did make a difference.

Alongside Dengar was Kath Scarlett with Boba Fett crew. Kath can be a little bit more forgiving as a partner to Dengar rather than IG-88B because of her auxiliary firing arc that allows an extra attack dice.

I took out his Dengar, creating a nice little kill box where 88B and my Dengar were either side of my opponent, and then he used Boba Fett to remove my Punishing One title card, reducing my three attack dice to two. And it had started so promisingly…

Game Three Grzegorz was running Wedge, Luke & Biggs. The closest he had come was a draw, where he and Laurence (game five) had spent the game chasing each other but not really getting any hits through. We both said how we hadn’t heard of that before today.

Well, this is Biggs, he’s just here to die!

This was Grzegorz as he explained his list to me. My first encounter with Biggs, despite him dating all the way back to Wave One.

Other ships at range one cannot be targeted by attacks if the attacker can target you instead.

Yeah. Thanks for that. It took two solid rounds of fighting to take Biggs out, whilst Wedge with his ability that reduced my agility and Expose made a deadly combination. Still no win here.

Game Four against Liam (the lovely Liam Scully that plays regularly with me and paints my ships). Liam had a Decimator with Vader Crew and Tetran Cowell in an Interceptor.

This was my one win of the day. I actually felt bad about it.

If I compare the lists, his Decimator can take 16 hits and Intereptor can take 3 hits; my Aggressor can take 8 hits and the Jumpmaster can take 9.  So he can withstand more firepower than me – how about attack dice? Both Decimator and the Interceptor have three attack dice.  My ships are the same, but I have a gunner style ability on 88B and Dengar has his revenge attack.

Game Five Laurence playing a list that really did look like Ello’s Nasties – I wrote about a very similar list in my first post (you can find it here). Two A-Wings, Jake and Tycho each with Prockets and Ello Asty with Outmanoeuvre.

I knew the list and I’d just had a win. I felt good. As we sat down, Laurence joked that he hadn’t had a win all day. The closest he had come was a draw, where he and Grzegorz (game three) had spent the game chasing each other but not really getting any hits through. We both said how we hadn’t heard of that before today. (Déjà Vu much?)

Who would have thunk that a list I had experimented with so extensively would be my downfall?

I finished 30th out of 33. No alternative art card, no tokens. A pat on the back and a walk home.

Tom placed 17th, narrowly missing top 16 by only a few points. Someone had some success.

How would I change the list?

Paul Heaver’s post on the release of Scum focused on the faction’s ‘building block’ style capabilities (you can find it here). They are a faction that has lots of dirty tricks, that is if you remember to use them.

I have to start this section with the question What did I forget to use? What are the strengths of this list? Well, Dead eye eliminates the need for a target lock with the Plasma Torpedoes and then the Agromech compliments this because the spending of the focus teken then gives you a target lock and allows you to modify your dice on the torps. To top it off, the Guidance Chips account for a blank and allow you to change it to a hit and then the target lock can be used to re-roll eyeballs.  The sequence should be:

Spend focus + acquire target lock + roll four dice + spend target lock to re-roll all dice except hits or crits + adjust one blank with Guidance Chips (if applicable) + possibly remove a shield after damage has been taken into account.

Finally, remove Extra Munitions token and repeat.

Did I remember this? There’s that snigger again. So the build isn’t the problem in this sequence, it’s my brain. That’s only six or seven things to remember, so why can’t I do it.

Dengar – did I remember his revenge?

I need a bigger hippocampus.

What about Boba Fett crew? was he the right choice? I didn’t use him all day.  This wasn’t for want of trying, Dengar just didn’t deliver any crits. How about the others?  With the release of Wave 8, FFG have pretty much completed all bounty hunters in both crew and pilot format.

Who could I swap?

bossk-crewWhat could I do to make Bossk work? I’d have to possibly drop Extra Munitions.  Would it be worth it to gain a target lock? Well the Agromech does that for me.


4-Lom The price is right and having the ability to stop my opponent spend a focus token when I attack seems a good plan. Is the cost of an Ion token too much? Not when I’m running two large base ship but unless I treat it as a bit of a one trick pony, each second time I use it will make my moves far too predictable.



Zuckuss? Having the abilty to have your opponent re-roll their agility dice at the risk of stress is attractive.



Recon-specialist.pngDoes it have to be a Scum crew member? Well, actually Re-Con Specialist would really work well, I could do with the extra focus token, but three points is a little too expensive.

Until I figure out the points, Zuckuss it is.



Aggressor re-paint courtesy of Liam Scully.

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