Spring Kit – Marquee Models

What I really wanted was the IG-88C alternative art card, but that was reserved for the top two places.

I’m not going so far as a ‘Spoiler’ but I’m writing this post from the Bye Chair whilst waiting for Tom to finish his final game and (hopefully) collect my alternative art VI.


This is my third competitive tournament and I really wanted at least two wins.

What I really wanted was the IG-88C alternative art card, but that was reserved for the top two places.

I’m not going so far as a ‘Spoiler’ but I’m writing this post from the Bye Chair whilst waiting for Tom to finish his final game and (hopefully) collect my alternative art VI.

Yeah, that’s my view. I sit here at the head of the table. King of the wooden spoons.

The List: Den-Bot
By now, I know it really well and have evaluated it. I refined my Dengar, dropping Boba Fett for Zuckuss. This I thought an excellent move considering my little opportunity to use the Fett man in the Dark Sphere Winter Kit (you can read about that here)

Why Zuckuss? I’d played the list against Tom a few times and found that forcing a re-roll was worth the potential stress. There are pitfalls with Zuckuss which I’ll elaborate on later.

What did I expect to see? Lots of Jumpmasters, triple Scout with Plasma Torps lists.

Game One and what do I see in front of me? Three Jumpmasters. Whoop.

I’d actually given this a lot of thought. What would I do if faced with this?

I consciously flew both ships to avoid the firing arcs. Played IG-88B up front to draw fire and give Dengar the best possibility of using the Plasma Torps.

There were at least two points in the game where my opponent chose not to shoot Dengar, fearing his revenge shot. Sneaky move. It served him well.

I actually took this as a sign that I had put up a good fight.

As time was called for 88B, I had removed shields from all three scouts, but only gained partial points on two of them as the third still had all hull left. One more hit and I could have gained another 17 points. Not a win but it would have given me a better MOV.

Game Two Jamie played the following
Dengar with Calculation, Zuckuss, Overclocked R4, Inertial Dampners and Punishing One.

Manaroo with Push The Limit, Gonk, Feedback Array, Anti-Pursuit Lasers and R5-P8. Damned revenge bot.

Naked Binarye Pirate (I believe it’s pronounced Bin-Arrrrghh-eeee!).

Jamie also had Gonk on Manaroo. I haven’t used Gonk before but it was actually much more straight forward then I’d imagined. In fact, I had thought that you had to park your shields on the card from your ship. This was completely wrong as I saw when Jamie began to draw shields from a random pile.

Where did I go wrong? I got greedy with Zuckuss. I stressed myself when flying over debris and then chose Zuckuss to re-roll Jamie’s agility dice. This seems sound but it didn’t actually make a difference to the evades as Jamie rolled two again.  This poor judgement on my part landed me three stress tokens, rendering both Deadeye and the R4 Agromech useless. Utterly. I’m still limping from the bullet wound in my right foot.

I had a lot of fun here even though Jamie tabled me.

Game Three Mark with a five 5 A-Wing Crack swarm.  Five Green Squadron Pilots, each with Chardaan  Re-fit, Crack Shot and Adaptability.

If you don’t already know, A-Wings are my (space) bag. You can have a read about my thoughts on them in my first post here.

This game was so intense. Such fun. It’s possibly the best game played all day.

I managed to take out one A-Wing. That’s all. The last 15 minutes after Dengar had gone down, my lone bot put up a good fight. I flew him out of arc well, narrowly avoiding a four A-Wing kill box. I took evade tokens to hang in there as long as possible. Autothrusters and green dice served me well, but it wasn’t enough.

So that’s it.

I have to say that this is the most alert I have been with playing my list. I didn’t resort to writing Autothrusters and Crackshot on the back of each hand (have a look at Tom’s post here for a little bit about that), but I did remember to use Autothrusters at nearly every given opportunity. I remembered Crack Shot here and there.

Importantly, I flew Dengar with an eye on how I would keep my opponent’s ships in arc, whilst dodging their arcs.  I feel confident that this was the right move and I flew it well through all three games.

I did forget to use Guidance Chips at a pivotal opportunity and could have knocked through that extra damage in my first game. This wouldn’t have given me a win, but it would have made a difference with the partial point ruling.

There was at least one more opportunity missed with Guidance Chips.

The big surprise was seeing two separate A-Wing Crack Swarms. Yeah. I know. Makes me want to polish my Green Bolt List. 

Next Time, Gadget…

Would I keep Zuckuss? I might re-jig the list to incorporate Gonk. Where would I make up the points? What would I drop?

Would I go back to Bro-bots? I really like Advanced Sensors and the ability to push through your actions before having had your opponent potentially block you, so it’s a definite possibility. Autothrusters sereved me well with both Jumpmaster encounters too.

There she is, flying away after having rescued Boba Fett from the Sarlacc Pit.
What about Manaroo in game two? The biggest thing I learned today was that my list didn’t use any of the dirty tricks that make Scum so fun and I think it suffered for it. Let’s just take a minute to explore Jamie’s build from game two.  Manaroo being able to give her focus to Dengar, Gonk, Feedback Array, and finally the Revenge Bot. Actually it was Manaroo, she was clearly the woman of the match. Well played. Not to mention the threat of Inertial Dampners on Dengar.

Did I get my alternative art Veteran Instincts? Yeah. I won the draw for the spare Ion tokens too. Not bad.

I didn’t win the droid, he just wanted to be in the photo.

6 thoughts on “Spring Kit – Marquee Models”

  1. nice write up of the day, and thank you for taking the extra time to look at my list a bit more, i’m glad it synergised as well on the table as it did in my head, since it was my first tournament I was really worried it was going to be too basic or lackluster.

    It was my favorite game of the day, hopefully you guys will make it back up to Harlow for another one so we can have a rematch


    1. Thanks Jamie!
      I had a great time and your list really inspired me to think more about Manaroo’s supporting role in the game.

      I need to spend some time reflecting on the secret plans and clever tricks of Scum.


      1. Consider her wearing attani mindlink and passing her focus token(s) to another Mindlink buddy would give her a focus token back. I almost ran her and Dengar Link this, but I wanted to occasionally avoid having her stressed.

        Liked by 1 person

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