I Can Fly Anything!

Ordinance vs a more effective EPT? What about that revenge bot? He looks badass, right? Illicit upgrades?

There’s always room to evaluate your list, even if I have spent lots of time trying to remember complex sequences of actions…


With the week leading up to the Spring Kit at ibuywargames, Woking, I resolved that the answer wasn’t changing my Den-Bot list, but to play it as much as possible in an attempt to fly better.

Then again, ordinance vs a more effective EPT? What about that revenge bot? He looks badass, right? Illicit upgrades?

There’s always room to evaluate your list, even if you have spent lots of time working on remembering

Spend focus + acquire target lock + roll four dice + spend target lock to re-roll all dice except hits or crits + adjust one blank with Guidance Chips (if applicable) + possibly remove a shield after damage has been taken into account.

This was me trying to remind myself of my sequence of attack on my previously ordinance heavy Dengar build. You can read about the first time I used this list at the Dark Sphere Winter Kit tournament here. Have a look at the build below

Plasma Torps; Dead Eye to activate the torps without needing a target lock; the R4 Agromech to gain a target lock to immediately re-roll dice where needed and guidance chips to adjust a blank to a hit or hit to a crit. As well as Extra Munitions to allow me to repeat this trick.

When you do the maths, that’s a total of 8 points being spent on what is essentially a double alpha strike (alpha & beta?).  What about that title card? 12 points for an extra attack dice.

How much is an extra attack dice worth?

As a basic comparison, if I look at a Green Squadron A-Wing, I’m paying 19 points (17 with Chardaan re-fit) for a two attack dice ship with two shield and two hull.  Your average Zeta Squadron Pilot has similar stats (swap a hull for a shield) and that comes in at 16.  Rounding up, that’s 17 points for a two attack dice small ship (not very accurate, I know).

What about large base ships? The Contracted Scout comes in at 25 points for two attack dice.  The Wild Space Fringer comes in at 30 points for two attack dice. A Mandolorian Mercenary comes in 35 points for three attack dice.  So are we roughly estimating that you should be paying around 10 points for that extra attack dice rather than the 12 on the title card? Maybe.

Regardless, if I look at my previous Dengar build, I have spent 12 points on the title card and 8 points on making the ordinance work.  Am I spending 12 points on the title that isn’t really being used as a consequence of the ordinance?

I found that when encountering the triple Contracted Scout list at the Spring Kit in Marquee Models, Harlow (you can find the battle report here), there were three rounds in the first game where my opponent didn’t take an opportunity to attack Dengar, fearing the revenge shot of his ability.  That’s right, I managed some pretty good flying and managed to keep the Scouts in my primary firing arc whilst still keeping myself out of theirs.

How can I strengthen this fear of Dengar? I have eight points to play with if I drop ordinance. First stop: EPT – I’m a fan of Lone Wolf and I can see it will come in handy for the end game.  Next, Astromech: though I like the R4 Agromech’s  ability of providing a target lock when spending a focus, I’m keen to give R5-P8 a try as it isn’t an action based form of attack/defence. There is a 1/8 chance that it could backfire but those are pretty good odds.

Finally, for my illicit upgrade, I feel torn between Glitterstim and Inertial Dampners. I like the potential threat of each of these, the question is, which am I more willing to gamble upon? If I were interested in initiative, I would definitely go with the Dampners but I find the Jumpmaster’s 1 forward is an adequate substitute. Right now, I’m leaning towards Glitterstim, especially if I take into account the re-roll ability of Lone Wolf.

Attack Dengar.png

What about IG88-B? The other change I’ve made from the Dengar build is dropping Zuckuss so that I might play around with the EPT on 88B. I’ve gone with Crack Shot in the past and have made a great effort to remember using it; of all the EPTs, it’s really cost effective.  My other considerations are VI, Predator or PTL.

The standard pilot skill of 6 is fine by me, if anything, I’m interested in the possibility of Adaptability so that I might give myself a blocking or firing edge over other IGs.  With the point cost of 0, it would give me either a 3 point intiative bid or the opportunity of an illicit upgrade.  Tempting.

With PTL, I’m attempting to avoid stress so that leaves this card out.

Why Predator? My answer is linked to Fire Control Systems; the option of a continuous target lock is an attractive one but Advanced Sensors is a much more beneficial systems upgrade.  With Predator, as long as I can remember, I can take a re-roll when attacking and it isn’t limited to ‘once per round…’

88B Pred.png

100 points total.

What are the pitfalls? If I go with Predator on 88B over Adaptability or Crack Shot, I have no initiave bid.

I have to remember to take advantage of both Predator and Lone Wolf.  I have to remember I have Glitterstim on the table and that it’s not just for show, even though the Twi’lek on the card looks pretty cool.

I’ll let you know when Sunday comes.

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