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One day, I will write a battle report that details a glorious win. I’m not asking for much. Top 10? Top 12? To go three and two?

This is my battle report for the Winter Kit Tournament at ibuywargames, Woking. Here is how I ended yet another tournament without any significant wins.


One day, I will write a battle report that details a glorious win.  I’m not asking for much.  Top 10? Top 12? To go three and two?

This is my battle report for the Winter Kit Tournament at ibuywargames, Woking.  Here is how I ended yet another tournament without any significant wins.

It’s not as though I want to blame my dice or my hippocampus.  I’m not even sure it was the list.  My last post focussed on a premature evaluation of my list that I proposed to play at this event, you can find it here.

My chosen list wasAttack Dengar88B Pred

Game One John’s list was IG-88B with PTL, Advanced Sensors, Mangler Cannon, Proximity Mines, Autothrusters and the IG-2000 title card.  Partnered with this was IG-88C with Calculation, Fire Control Sytems, Heavy Laser Canon, Inertial Dampeners, Autothrusters and the IG-2000 title card.  As well as this being the most adventurous Bro-bot combination, John also sported a super-cool paint job. Jealous? I was – it’s awesome.

Look at these stylish Tron custom re-paints.  IG-88B is in blue.

I actually began the game feeling really tense.  I finished my last tournament with a poor MOV and the title of King of the Wooden Spoons.

As opening games go – this has been my best performance.  I managed to take out IG-88B, seeing the gunner ability as the biggest threat.

John took out both of my ships but not before I managed to get partial points on IG-88C.  That gave me an MOV of 75.

John was also an exellent and friendly opponent, he helped me evaluate my performance, hypothesising that had I remembered to use the revenge bot more often, I could have won the game.

100-75 to John.

Mara-jadeGame Two Tim’s list was Rear Admiral Chiraneau in a Decimator with VI (hello pilot skill 10); Tactician, Mara Jade, Rebel Captive and an Engine Upgrade.  Running with this, Tim had a Phantom Echo, Recon Specialist, Fire Control Systems, Veteran Instincts and the Advanced Cloaking Device.

Where to begin? Have a look at all of the stress factors on Chiranou.  As a representative of the Scum faction at this tournament, I’d like to say that Rebel Captive should be one of those upgrades of which I give very little fucks for.  In actuality, this simply just isn’t the case.

Where did I go wrong? What I should have done was used both ships to focus all fire on the Phantom and take it down, keeping my distance from the Decimator. I attempted to stay back but discovered that Tim’s plan very early on was to use Chiranou to get all up in my (space) grill.

The best I could muster was half points on Chiranou whilst trying to break through Tim’s blocking (I’m not quite sure how he managed that, being as he had the higher PS).

100-30 to Tim.

Omega-leader.pngGame Three Jamie – with his Aces Wild MK2 list (in five tournaments, this is the first time I had come across a quippy name for a list – nice work). Jamie had Soontir Fel (he’ll fly for anybody that captures him!) with the Royal Guard Title, PTL, Stealth Device and Autothrusters; Omega Leader with Comm Relay, Juke and the Engine Upgrade; and finally the Inquisitor with PTL, Prockets, Tie/V1 and Autothrusters.

Two ships there with Autothrusters as a counter to my turret with a primary weapon of three dice.

I have to say, this was my best flying of the day but I still came away without a win. This photo was my favourite moment, it happened minutes before I managed to knock out Soontir with my boxing him in.  Actually, my favourite moment was right after 88B had taken him out.  Then Omega leader moved further in front of Dengar and was out too.  I thought I could see a win in sight but it was the Inquisitor that nailed both ships; they were too weak for the end game.

100-65 to Jamie.

Game Four Tom (Sand, not my Tom) flew a Ghost with a Lothal Rebel, Fire Control Systems, Hera, Intelligence Agent, Autoblaster Turret. As a partner to this, he took a YT2400 with Dash, using the Outrider title, EU, PTL, Kanaan and HLC.

This was a particularly nice game for me as I had a chance to play Tom from the second round of the Slow Grow Tournament again (you can read about my report on this here).

YT 2400.jpg
I have no picutres of this game, so I thought I’d stick this one in because badass.

Despite Tom forgetting to use Fire Control Sytems throughout, he still beat me.  Why? My major fault here was aiming for the Ghost rather than Dash.  With the higher Pilot Skill on Dengar, I should have focussed on Dash and then gone for the Lothal Rebel.  I didn’t, I lost.   Poor strategy.

I also forgot to use my range bonus just before Tom took out my IG-88B in the last few minutes of the game.  Annoyingly, we looked at what would have happened had I remembered to do this by rolling an extra agility die, wouldn’t you know – I got an evade. Tom being the gentleman that he is, offered me the chance to accept the evade and have another round.  This wouldn’t have made a difference to the result of the game but it would have improved my MOV.  I ummed.  I arred. I couldn’t accept. Not rolling the extra die in the first place was my mistake, not Tom’s.

100 – 55 to Tom.

Have you identified the weakness in your list?

This was the lovely John Wainscott attempting to console me in the transition from round three to four.What didn’t I use? If you couldn’t tell from my visual clue, it’s Glitterstim.

During the last two games, I thought to myself, ‘Now would be an excellent time to trigger Glitterstim.’ Why didn’t I? Who knows?

I actually played a few games online after this and made a conscious effort to use Glitterstim at points where Dengar was the only one who could be attacked and it worked a treat.  Glitterstim wasn’t the weakness in my list, it was me.

I saw someone with a similar build to mine but Dengar had a K4 Security Droid with an Unhinged astromech.  This actually makes a lot of sense – your action would normally be a focus and most of the time, you have gained a target lock through the green maneuvre.

How often do I use the three speed manoeuvres? Not that often with Dengar so the Unhinged Astromech would be a waste of a point.  I also don’t think including Lone Wolf with a target lock ability is potentially a waste of three points (four if I include the extra point for the Unhinged Astromech).

Recon-specialistI could afford to stick Predator on both, drop Glitterstim and have a 99 point initiative bid. Maybe make room for an Engine Upgrade on Dengar?

I feel the biggest problem here (despite my lack of using Dengar’s native barrel roll) is how he actually would benefit from being a dual action ship – what’s the point of Dengar’s Revenge if you don’t have a focus or target lock?

With this, I propose two possible solutions – Recon Specialist paired with the R4 Agromech (this would definitely mean dropping Glitterstim) or The Overclocked R4 paired with Wired instead of Lone Wolf.

its_a_trap.jpgThe latter seems ballsier and I’m not sure if it shouldn’t be setting off Ackbar alarm signals. Hear me out, though. Recon Spec plus the Agromech comes in at 5 points.  If I traded this for Wired and the Overclocked R4, this would only cost three points and wouldn’t require the need for Lone Wolf because I would be gaining the re-rolls of the stress via Wired.  This would actually give me 5 points remaining to play with – I could put Glitterstim on both ships for that and have a 1 point intiative bid.  My biggest concern though is the limited dial on the Jumpmaster; I would only be able to clear the stress if I was heading left.  This makes my manouvres so much more predictable.

Worth the risk? Let me know your thoughts.

As for the Winter kit, I came 19th out of 21 with a Bye on the final round.  John came in at 11th and Tom (my Tom) came in at 7th, you can read his battle report here. I got an Alternative Art Poe Dameron and a Gunner for my troubles.

Seems familiar.

Cheeky droid crept in for the photo again.


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