Never Tell Me the Odds!

I’ve Been trying my best to earn my wings – here are a few guides that might help #Xwing
#Movement #Flybetter #OuterrimSmugglers


MF Gif.gif

So a while ago, I can’t remember which podcast I was listening to – I think it was the Mynock Squadron, and they mentioned a trick to help fly better: lay out all of your obstacles randomnly on a mat (asteroids, debris, bombs) and then attempt to manouvre around them.  Which movement temlpates work and where?

The morning before playing in the Winter Kit at Dark Sphere I did just this (you can read my battle report here).  You know what? It pretty much worked.  It’s been a while since I landed on an asteroid because my abilities of eyballing, my powers of guestimation (Using The Force, if you will) have become so much better.

Yet it still happens, I still guess incorrectly now and again and leave myself unable to attack and on a rock without actions (unless of course it was uavoidable and I’ve used Advanced Sensors to help mitigate the damage).

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 23.49.24.pngI’ve just got to grips with Vassal and discovered that it’s a little like starting from the ground up again.  What has been really useful is having a play with it offline and working out where my ship will land according to markers I have set myself;  trying to figure out the rule of 11 and focussing on different starting points in tandem with this.

Whilst searching for a few tips on flying large base ships in formation, I came across a few guides that I wanted to share with you.

The first guide was one that Tom came up with, you can find it here.  There is some excellent information here, particularly when you think about the comparison of your base to the movement templates. Tom also makes an effective compariosn of the angles to remember when using the bank and turn templates.  Tom’s guide is  good because it explores the difference between large base ships and small.

1 straight large.png




Beautiful, isn’t it?

Finally, you should try watching this video by The Outer Rim Smugglers.

Once you’ve given it a go, you’ll find it’s actually quite addictive – plotting a course and then focussing on how your ship will work through.

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