R2-D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer!

Here is a round up of the blogs I have found the most useful as a Green Rookie #Xwing


This post is a little bit different from my usual. I was talking with Tom about blogs that I had read and found really useful and it seemed that we had been reading different sites.

I wanted to share some links to blogs that I have found really useful as a complete beginner. A Green Rookie.

In no order of importance


Stay on the Leader It’s well worth having a read through this blog, especially going back and having a look at the post on Wave 8 meta and pilot skill, you can find it here We all know that the meta is a transient beast, but I found the data in this really useful. The blog summarised a lot of my thoughts on the move from seeing lots of ps2 ships to ps4 to counter the triple U-Boats and explored the staying power of Crack-Swarms.

The post on Variance is also excellent. I find it befuddling when I see players shaking their hands before rolling their dice, probability is probability, right? It doesn’t work that way, does it? This article was explored in the most recent episode of the Mynock Podcast and it underlines most of my thoughts when people complain about dice. They are something that is integral to the mechanics of the game but they do not give us an excuse to whinge.

I think the article sums up a Reddit user’s frustration (rubsnick) perfectly here:

The root of rubsnick frustration isn’t just that the TIE Interceptors were bringing variance into his games, it appears. Rather it seems like it was bringing variance that he wasn’t really psychologically prepared for, and when it went against him he felt betrayed by his dice and the game.

Next up is Treatise on Starfighter Tactics

treatise.pngI find the information on this site to be logical, well thought out and easy to understand. I especially identify with the posts Evaluating 2015 and Thoughts about Losing. Here I find this anonymous poster to be frank and honest about their performance and how to improve via evaluation. The Q & A section is well organised and all list/upgrade queries are met with constructive feedback.

I’m also a fan of the Starviper and liked the approach in this article.

Not Such a Bad Pilot


The meta analysis of Nova Regionals and Store Champs in this post is stellar. I also found the exploration of the ethos behind Fly Casual in this post to be quite intriguing. I love the X-Wing community online, in and around London. I have not ever been a table top player before and I hold this mantra dearly. I wonder what your thoughts are?

toms blog.jpg

Tom’s blog, Confessions of a Mid-Table X-Winger, inspired me to get off my arse and write a blog of my own. Thanks, Tom.


Finally, the 186th Squadron launched their own website recently. You can find it here. The site seems to be growing by the day and I haven’t met an unfriendly member yet.

So there you go. Have a read and let me know your thoughts.

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