Purple Reign (Or the list formerly known as Prince’s list)

It’s not the most competitive #Star Viper list but it’s certainly a fitting #Prince tribute


I can’t even. Earlier today, I was listening to I would Die 4 U, it leads seemlessly into Baby I’m a Star and then something happened by accident – I didn’t press pause before Purple Rain came on. Man.

There it was, the first time I had listened to it since before Prince passed away. Even now, writing this, my breathing is that little bit heavier. I’m hesitating before I type. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Antony says this at Caesar’s funeral,

My heart is in the coffin…and I must pause until it comes back to me.

Arguably, this might be Antony at possibly his most manipulative with the mob, but it doesn’t make it any less fitting now.

When I was 15, Prince and Purple Rain were my everything. Sign O’ the Times and Under the Cherry Moon. I think I must have worn the tape out on each of these. I lived in my headphones, forming a forcefield and further hoping that it might help me become invisible.

I was lucky enough to see Prince live twice, the first time was the night before I got my GCSE results. I could ramble and try to fill this with things that might not be clichéd but that would just be shit.

Anyway – the list. Whilst obtaining the cards for my A-Wing Crack Swarm, I ended up with an extra Star Viper. I managed to shift the other ships I didn’t need but I thought about painting this one purple and building a fluff list around it.  It’s Prince’s ship, or rather the ship that formerly belonged to the artist formerly known as Prince (TSTFBTTAFKAP).

Here it is at 100 points altogether

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 13.10.25

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 13.07.52

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 13.02.26

It’s a SLAVEr, right?




It’s certainly not the most competitive list, but I know that with Prince on board, the Party Bus is gunna be like.

This comic appears courtesy of Direman (you can find the original here)

You know the tactic, Prince has to hug the bus at range one in order to make the most of his ability (and so that they can keep the party going on board).

Finally, of all the Prince tributes that poured out, this was my favourite.

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